• How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

  • Welcome to Shreeman Vidyalaya

    An International Montessori School

    Our Programs

    Shreeman Vidyalaya International Montessori School has three dedicated classes with different environments

  • Mont 1 (PRE-KG)

    • AGE GROUP:
      1.8 to
      3.4 Years
      Hours/ day
  • Mont 2 (L.K.G)

    • AGE GROUP:
      3.5 to
      4.5 Years
      Hours/ day
  • Mont 3 (U.K.G)

    • AGE GROUP:
      4.5 to
      5.5 Years
      Hours/ day
  • Every child is unique and has their own way of thinking. Parents can wish for their child to become a doctor or an engineer, and may even end up training them but what if the child is meant to be the next Einstein?

    • Full Day Sessions
    • Varied Classes

    To evolve children whilst leveraging our methodologies from time to time. Make children adapt new learning curves and enhance their social skills with a solid foundation, which results in a lifetime of success.

    • We aim to meet the needs of early years and young children with a wide range of abilities from age 1.8 to 6 years

      • Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement
      • Educational field trips and school presentations
      • Individual attention in a small-class setting
      • Learning program with after-school care
      • Opportunities to carry out scientific investigations
      • Positive learning environment for your child
      • Learning & Fun
      • Healthy Meals
      • Friendly Place
      • Children Safety