Our Curriculum

    • Practical Life Skills
    • Sensorial
    • Language
    • Mathematics
    • Culture

    Our curriculum is designed to encourage our children to explore the various methods through which they want to work. Children’s minds are like sponges – they are always ready to absorb knowledge. Research has proved that a child’s mind develops to its maximum potential between the ages of 1.8 to 6 years. While in this age group, children are receptive to knowledge and are able to learn even the most difficult task, like learning a language, with relative ease. Their minds are open to adopt fresh ideas as they face new experiences.

    When  children experience the unique content of our curriculum, they not only grasp the basics but also learn to express themselves and narrate their experiences.

    Just as the world has evolved, children are also evolving in terms of IQ with each successive generation. In comparison to the pace at which we grew, our children are way ahead in their thought process. 

    Our curriculum has been designed to evolve with time.